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Tokyo Olympic Games | Inheriting the Olympic spirit, Qinghan Int’l has been working hard

qinghanlabel 1

The exciting Tokyo Olympics

In full swing

Athletes from delegations from various countries

Also show great in their respective fields

Gymnastics arena at the Tokyo Olympics

Chusovikina, a 46-year-old still standing on the field

The 8th Olympic Games in 29 years

Her story fully interprets the Olympic spirit

Faster, higher, stronger, and more united


In fact, the Olympic spirit is not only reflected in the sports field,

The development of the enterprise also reflects the spirit of working hard and forging ahead!

qinghan factory old

Practice yourself and walk faster

Global warming at any time, ozone decreases
Spreading acid rain, air and water pollution, land desertification
The arrival of a series of environmental problems such as the sharp decline of biodiversity
We are always admonishing, environmental protection, it should not be too late!

Fashion industry as the world’s second most polluting industry
Qinghan International as a clothing accessories company
Practice by yourself and actively join the camp of environmental protection
Apply for and obtain GRS certificate and FSC certificate successively!

qinghan certification

Struggle all the way to be stronger

Qinghan International was founded in 1998
From a few people at the beginning to an enterprise with more than 300 people now
From Shenzhen to Shanghai, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Huizhou
Established companies separately
And set up Huizhou as the headquarters
Introduce production machines with a price of tens of millions and build your own factory

screen print platform
qinghan quality dept

In 2020
Invest tens of millions to establish a R&D center with an area of 20,000 square meters
Invested several million to purchase advanced testing equipment for the newly upgraded laboratory

R&d Center
woven patch factory
Qinghan lab
Qinghan lab

Step by step growth
Step by step to become strong
Just because we persevere all the way and fight all the way!

Focus on quality and fashion sense, and climb higher

Qinghan International follows the development of apparel brands
From adult clothing accessories to baby clothing accessories

Times are constantly changing,
Our company also conforms to the trend of the times
Constantly update the design and develop new products
Lead the apparel industry to lead the fashion trend

qinghan int'l

Pay attention to fashion trends, and quality is still important
Our factory introduces advanced production machines and testing instruments
Set up quality inspection department

Strictly focus on quality from production to shipment
Just to better fulfill our mission
Achieve more world brands

qinghan patches 4
qinghan patches
qinghan patches 2

Thousands of sails competed, hundreds of horses competed
Qinghan International will always adhere to the spirit of hard work
Not afraid of hardships and dangers, forge ahead in unity
Contribute to the development of the enterprise with its own actions
Work together to create a better future for clothing accessories

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