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garment accessories

Best-selling| The Top 7 Garment Accessories in Winter

  Our impression of winter clothes is that they are bulky and drab. At this time we need some garment accessories to act the role of the finishing point to winter clothing effect! Wearing these accessories not only makes us more recognizable, but also shows our attitude towards life! Here are seven of the most popular accessories for winter.

No.1 TPU patch

TPU Patch

  Change the expectation of traditional accessories, and from the perspective of practice and fashion to consider, using TPU material, which is waterproof and moisture-proof, to meet the needs of outdoor clothing! Make simple black and white as the main color and letter combination to highlight our personality. 

No.2 TPU Cotton Filling Label

TPU Cotton Filling Label

  The energy of the earth follows the rule of infinite cycle. This TPU cotton filling label with the recycling logo, reminds us to reduce the generation of garbage, let garbage become a renewable resource, to achieve a different cycle fashion!

No.3 Renewable And Recyclable TPU Patch

Renewable patch 3D high frequency patch from Qinghan Int’l (qinghanlabel.com)

  Fashion always walks ahead of time, using fashion industry as a telescope to foresee the future of the environment and explore the infinite possibilities of garment accessories. These products are made from recycled materials. In the premise of not affecting performance, function, to reduce the damage to the environment and meet our market demand. It enforces the mission of “waste fashion”, and becomes a shiny patch with recycling once again.

Renewable TPU patch

No.4 Woven Label

Woven Label

  This woven Label faces up to the needs of young users and market trends, cater to the aesthetic of contemporary youth, to create label with Chinese characteristics. This label uses black and red color, with the “ancient Chinese character”, making the charm of Chinese culture and Oriental aesthetics expresses incisively and vividly!

No.5 Reflective Patch

Reflective Patch

  A popular label lies in the details of the design. The hands made of woven process and the letters are carefully designed with rainbow reflective lettering film. It emphasizes the sense of individuality and fashion and increase the visual conflict. At the same time, the combination of the pattern and letters exports the brand culture!

No.6 Lenticular Imagery Patch

Lenticular Imagery Patch

  The changing world is always full of curiosity, just like this patch designed on lenticular imagery. This material is used to produce printed images with an illusion of depth, or the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles. Let us express our individuality in the confusing world in the most comfortable and simple way, showing the avant-garde fashion attitude!

No.7 Heat Transfer Patch

Heat Transfer Patch

  This is a patch with plants, pot and animals as the creation pattern. These beautiful natural livings seem to form a garden of their own. The animals and plants are full of fun, and the fantasy and reality complement each other, showing the dream, nature and love of life concept!

  What do you think of all the fashion accessories? All of these products are suitable for you who want to show your personality on your winter clothes. Let these personality patches decorate our winter!

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