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The First Barbecue was Successfully Hold in QINGHAN INT’L in 2021

  To promote the communication among the all departments, enhance the relationships between colleagues, enjoy the fun of collective activities in the tense and busy work, the first barbecue was hold in our factory in 2021.

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  Leaders and staffs are all in this activity, talking with the gales of laughter. We were eating food baked by ourselves and talking about all kinds of interesting things we met in our work and life. At the end of the activity, almost all the ingredients have been used up. The atmosphere was very active!

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  By holding this barbecue, we not only improved team cohesion, but also enriched the leisure life of employees. Having a good drink and a delicious barbecue at the scene, let the distance between colleagues closer.

   We ended the first barbecue of QINGHAN INT’L in 2021 in the happy and relaxed laughter.

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