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The Consumption Tendency of the Post-2000s Generation in Clothing

    The post-2000s generation has a large number and therefore has a powerful consumption potential. To understand the habits of this group is to understand our future. Han costume, Lolita costume and JK uniform play an important role in the post-2000s fashion circle. According to Tencent news, these three types of clothes are sold on Taobao for 10 billion yuan a year. So they can become a trend, in addition to the clothing category characteristics, garment accessories are also very important, let’s see how beautiful the garment accessories are!



Chinese Style

    Flower and fish patterns embroidery patch, shows the beauty of nature;Simple Chinese red woven label, these exquisite Chinese style accessories take us through thousands of years together, enjoy the beauty of China.

embroidery patch
Fashion Style

    Rabbit head shaped TPU patch, using reflective fabric, very cool and bright; Gradient TPU cotton-filled patch, waterproof and moisture-proof, let you also have colorful happiness in this winter!

woven label
tpu cotton filled patch
tpu patch
Leisure sports style

    Towel embroidery patch, furry label makes people feel comfortable; The webbing adopts the embroidery process, which is the element used in leisure and sports clothing , allowing us to wear comfortably , but also to keep modern.

Towel embroidery patch
Uniform style

    The uniform style embroidery patch has meticulous stitching, clear font/pattern, and black line edge design, which is neat and adds to the beauty of the uniform.

embroidery patch

    Fashion has more than one side. It is the collision of many ideas that produces the most beautiful sparks.  Welcome to give us more advice about customized accessories design ideas!

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