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I am very satisfied with the customized products because the details and colors of the woven labels I ordered are outstanding. The picture I gave, I was surprised that it made such a good product. The color of the text of the first draft they submitted to me for approval was slightly different from what was expected. They provided the second sample very quickly. Of course, the most satisfying thing is the speed of production and shipping. In general, I am very satisfied with the service provided and I will use this service again.
At first I was confused and didn't know what kind of clothing accessories to order for my clothing. Later, after they knew my troubles, they immediately arranged professional staff to explain to me leather patches, woven labels, embroidery patches, PVC patches, and TPU patches, silicone patches and so on. After understanding the style of clothing I needed, I matched me with the most suitable and high-quality products. After receiving the goods, I was so pleasantly surprised. It won my heart and I must give a good comment!
We have been cooperating with Qinghan for several years, and the service feels great. Whether it is morning, noon, or evening, no matter what time we communicate with them, we will give a good response, and we must praise the service!
It’s the first time to order clothing accessories online. With the mentality of trying it out, I didn’t expect that the embroidery label I received was very pleasant. The details such as stitching and color are very good, and the express packaging is also very good. Start looking forward to the next cooperation!
At first we had communication difficulties, but they quickly found a solution, because what I needed was custom-made accessories for children's clothing, so they gave me a lot of professional advice on materials. After receiving this TPU patches, both the fineness and sample color met my requirements. This experience is simply amazing!
The quality of the customized leather patches is really good. It looks high-end and the design is very novel. It is in line with the design of my jeans. COOL I think I will come again!
This is the second time I have ordered PVC patches here. I am very happy. These patches are as good as always, and the details are more refined than I thought! Our charity will love them very much! thank you very much! ! !
We have to rush to produce a batch of goods. Many manufacturers said that they might not be able to catch up. When we found them, they said they were willing to give it a try. They quickly confirmed the first draft with me, put it into production, and shipped it quickly! When I received the goods, I thought this company was great, the time was short, and the product quality was superb! Thank them so much!
It is the first time to order clothing patches online. I told them what I wanted, they gave me an idea and used professional knowledge to help me correct my design drawings without trying to charge me extra prices. With a 100-point experience, I recommend this company to anyone who is looking for patches. They are worth it!!!
I think this is an excellent customer service team that is hard to find. They responded quickly and communicated effectively, allowing me to get the products I needed, and the speed and accuracy were never disappointed! I am a screen printing business owner for 15 years. In the past 5 years, I have been using Qinghan printing labels. Only Qinghan can meet all my requirements and standards.
When I received my order, the quality of the embroidery patches was too good, but one color was incorrect. I contacted the customer service staff and got an immediate response. The customer service is amazing. From the initial request for quotation to re-custom production, the embroidery patches produced are really great in terms of quality, details and their services. I strongly recommend them to be your next Garment accessories manufacturer. Very high quality, and even 5 star praise is not enough. I hope I can give them more.
Qinghan's professional ability and attention to detail are first-class! I placed an order and received the bulk goods within 10 days after receiving the quotation and samples. I will work with them again and recommend you to my colleagues!
I have been in the children's clothing industry for many years. Their service and the quality of my products are outstanding. From the beginning, Mary guided me to professionally create, design and manufacture my children's clothing name tags, and then manufacture and ship my products very quickly. The pricing is very reasonable and provides great value for me and my customers. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a beautiful accessory label.
I appreciate their communication and frankness, which is currently lacking in many small businesses. The quality of the product is very good. We actually encountered problems during the production process, but they frankly said the problem and solved it in time. I appreciate this way of doing things. I have passed Qinghan to another interested client, and I may use your company again.
Qinghan processed my order and the staff guided me through the whole process from the beginning. I told him about the needs of my motorcycle uniforms and team uniforms. All the graphic arts and designs were started from scratch. I only provide my opinions, so developing them is only from the verbal description I gave him. We have gone through several revisions and corrections, and every time they discussed with me, they would put forward some professional opinions and suggestions. I feel that everything is wonderful after receiving the finished product. They fully followed their promises and turned the drawings into reality. The quality is really amazing!
I will definitely order from Qinghan again because I have received excellent customer service from them. They helped me from the moment I sent out the enquiry. They responded to my question very promptly. The customized cycling jersey logo was very satisfied, although it was modified before the final production. But the delivery speed is still very fast, the product quality is good, and the service is good. Can't ask for a better experience, thank you very much for them and the team!
On the same day that I sent the artwork for my customized shirt, I received my quotation and continued to receive very prompt responses during the rest of the docking. At first, when they asked for payment before sending the preview image, I took the attitude of trying, and it was made and shipped in just a few days, so it was a pleasant and unexpected surprise! The product itself is particularly sophisticated, which is exactly what I wanted. Exquisitely detailed and perfectly matched design, in general, I am very satisfy! highly recommended!
This time I want to order the patches on the team hat, They recommended several types of leather patches, PVC patches, TPU patches, etc. with their professional skills. After thinking about it, I chose leather patches. After receiving the goods, I was pleasantly surprised by the workmanship. It looks so high-end. My customers and I are very satisfied. I think I will come again next time I need it.
For custom clothing accessories, this company will always be my recommended company. I ask them to make patches of military uniforms for my army. Each product is absolutely top-notch in quality and appearance. The customer service is amazing, and they will always tell me about the situation and let me know the latest progress. highly recommended!
There are a lot of changes in my sportswear order. Every time I make changes, they will fully cooperate with me until I am satisfied. They are really a patient and careful team. I like it very much!