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Renewable patch

The Renewable and Recyclable Series of Garment Accessories of Qinghan INT’L

  Renewable patch, do we really need it? In fact, The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, with the fashion and sportswear industries generating record amounts of waste each year. We all don’t want to see this. So in the face of increasing environmental pollution, as an enterprise of garment accessory, Qinghan Int’l is always pursuing the sustainable development. It’s time and necessary to do something about it!

  In order to cope with this trend, in recent years we have accelerated the pace of GRS certification and FSC certification. Now we are honored to launch the renewable and recyclable series of garment accessories products which can increase the recycling of waste, reduce the generation of waste, but also make your brand more meaningful!

  These renewable and recyclable products are made from sustainable materials such as Renewable patch. Each product aims to eliminate disposable materials, uses biodegradable materials and recycle materials. Now let us show you one by one!

FSC Certificate

FSC Certificate, GRS Certificate, ISO Certificate, OEKO-Tex Certificate (left to right)

The Renewable patch (tpu patch) And Recyclable patch (woven patch)

Renewable TPU patch
Renewable patch
3 1
13 1

  These products are made from recycled materials that are used to transfer waste rather than end up in landfills and oceans. In the premise of not affecting performance, function, to reduce the damage to the environment and meet your market demand.

The Biodegradable Patches (Leather Patch)

6 3
7 1

   These products are made from corn starch. In the productive process, it not only doesn’t pollute but also can biodegrade and achieve circulation in nature, to meet the needs of the environment and promote sustainable development.

The FCS’s Hang Tags

12 1

  These products are made from FSC-certified wood. Using this material is a part of the program which aims to promote environmentally responsibility and socially benefit.

Qinghan Intel’s was recognized by FSC!!! – Qinghan Label

  Qinghan Int’l adhere to the concept of sustainable development, has always been in action. We provide our customers with recyclable or renewable TPU patch, silicone patch, embroidery patch, woven patch, leather patch, hang tag and other sustainable development garment accessories solutions, together towards the sustainable future of trademark accessories.

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