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Qinghan Int’l launches product knowledge training meeting in August!

With the rapid development of the clothing accessories industry, in order to enhance the company’s employees’ product knowledge, and better serve our customers. On the premise of doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, in August 2021, Qinghan International organized the sales department and after-sales department employees to carry out a half-month company product training meeting.


The training content this time mainly includes basic knowledge training such as woven labels, printed labels, embroidery patches, TPU patches, PVC patches, and hang tags. The training method is mainly divided into two parts: explanation training and summary examination. The explanation training is training on the materials, production technology, product characteristics and other related knowledge of various products; the summary examination is an on-site examination of the content of this course.


Our company combined with our past experience, the training work was carefully designed and carefully planned. Everyone was able to have further understanding from materials to production and shipping from the lecture. After the training, the employees also actively asked questions to the lecturer for communication, and also put forward their own views according to the problems they encountered in their daily work. In order to test the learning effect, the company organized on-site examination for this course after the study. Some of them answered the questions with ease, while some of them thought about it and discussed with each other after submitting the test papers.


Qinghan Int’l has always insisted on constantly grasping product knowledge and service skills, and nurturing scientific talents to feed back the development of the industry. Through this training and functional examination, the professional knowledge has been enhanced, the production technology of the current products has been mastered, and a solid foundation has been laid for the future development of the enterprise. In the future, Qinghan International will continue to take learning and innovation as a breakthrough point, and continue to carry out professional knowledge learning, training and exchanges.

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