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One day’s plan is in the morning with Qinghan Int’l Department Morning Meeting

The plan for a year is in spring, and the plan for a day is in the morning

Every morning at 8 o’clock in the morning, the various departments of Qinghan Int’l organize morning meetings

Start this day full of vitality


The morning meeting started with greetings, shouting corporate slogans, summing up yesterday’s work, arranging and deploying today’s work, and sharing the problems encountered at work and work experience with colleagues and other steps.Through the morning meeting, it is helpful to strengthen the employees’ professional ethics, safety and service awareness education, quickly solve the difficulties and problems in work and other aspects, and promote the implementation of various work measures and the completion of tasks!

Engineering Department

Customer Service Department

Shanghai branch

Production Department

Production Documentary Department

Purchasing Department

Sales and Marketing department

Foreign Trade Sales Department

Qinghan hopes all employees to maintain the vigorous and vigorous spirit of the morning meeting, carry forward the spirit of teamwork, and implement the truth-seeking and pragmatic work style and practical and rigorous work attitude into daily work. Work together and make persistent efforts to continuously improve personal ability and reflect personal value in the continuous development of the company, achieve a win-win situation for both individuals and the company, and contribute to the company’s development!

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