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What are the advantages of the washing labels


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What is a washing label? What are the advantages of washing label? Woven label, also known as the printing label, is usually sewing on the waist of the garment. It is just like what the manufacturer or distributor shows to the consumer to explain the washing method and product specification, product performance, fiber content, usage and other information of the garment. Washing label material for tape or like a silk, the printing method is varied, the manufacturer according to the form of product features to choose instructions, among them, the composition and content of the raw material, washing methods should be combined together, the product name, manufacturer name and address, the shape, the product standards as well as the general paste fiber composition on the tag.

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Washing label

In order to standardize the labeling method of the clothing use instructions in China, our national standard GB/ t8685-1988 has stipulated the graphic symbols and their meanings of the clothing use instructions. These graphic symbols can be directly woven or printed on textiles or garments, or made into labels and stitched, hung or pasted on garment products or their packaging. According to the performance requirements of textile or garment products, mark according to the order of washing, chlorine bleaching, ironing, dry cleaning and drying after washing. The graphic symbols in the table are synonyms and can be selected according to the sales target.

What advantages does washing label have over woven label?

1. Due to its printing method, it has rich, gorgeous colors, high definition and fashionable products.

2. High production efficiency. The production mode of woven label is similar to that of woven cloth, so the output is not as high as printed label.