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What Is PVC Patch


PVC patch is made of PVC soft rubber material, which is an ornament in PVC products. Due to its affordable price, variety of styles, bright colors, waterproof and easy to clean features, it has become the hottest product in the market. PVC patch is one of the most popular fashion accessories for fashion icons.


PVC patches are often used to decorate clothing and other fabric products, including shoes, hats, bags, canvas goods and so on. PVC patches can be pasted on cloth in three main forms. The first is directly stitched onto the garment, which is suitable for outgoing products. PVC patches are designed on clothes by designers as accessories. The second method is to apply double-sided adhesive tape to the clothing fabric, which is suitable for clothing sellers and buyers to make their own clothes. However, since double-sided adhesive tape is disposable and the repeated use of double-sided adhesive tape will make PVC patches lose firmness on clothing, so the third method is more suitable for DIY clothing- which is pasting the Velcro PVC patches onto the hook surface of Velcro, and sew the loop parts of the Velcro directly onto the clothes This fastening way can facilitate users to change different Velcro at will. We often use this method when matching the PVC patches of the bags, which are both firms and can be used repeatedly.

The same PVC patches with different bags have different effects, and different PVC patches with the same bags will have different feelings, so we can make a matching according to different use conditions.

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