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The most suitable washing labels for swimsuit



What is TPU labels?

TPU labels, TPU label, TPU washing label, TPU size label, transparent label, transparent washing label, transparent ingredient label, transparent labels, PVC transparent labels, transparent wash water standard, the swimsuit labels, bathing suits, suits washed marking label, swimsuit landmarks such as production, mist side transparent labels, can be used for the swimsuit underwear each kind of clothing, soft, and wash water will not deformation, no fading, fight corrupt (bacteria), strong tension, color is not constrained, manufactured goods has strong stereo feeling.

TPU labels produced by QINGHAN has ultra-high elasticity and extremely strong resilience, stretching tension up to 200%-500% (depending on thickness), and still maintains good elasticity and flexibility at -38 ° c -+138 ° c after testing. After testing, it is environmentally friendly and not sensitive. It is light, thin, soft and suitable for various purposes. Common varieties are: transparent, frosted, printed word printing, bronzing, oil powder, LOGO and other hundreds of styles. Can also be customized according to customer requirements. TPU label has been introduced into the works of many international fashion masters, becoming the latest fashion elements, slowly replacing the traditional labels.

These thin, rubbery labels are the popular choice among many of our active-wear clients. Long-lasting, durable, and soft to the touch, these labels are ideal for your sports attire.



Tough in the most demanding conditions, our TPU printed labels are a popular item in our industry right now. They provide softness and comfort when in contact with the skin which makes them perfect, but not limited, for intimate apparel, bathing suits and performance wear.


They are also resistant to water, oily substances, grease, abrasion, low and high temperatures.

Looking for a modern twist to your brand identification trims… look no further. Our TPU labels are perfect for logos and care information labels. Use them on your next collection!