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QC process of woven label


When confirming the woven label sample (for the original), which aspects should be used to judge the quality of woven label?

QC process.jpg

First, check if the pattern text of the woven label is wrong, and the size of the pattern text is correct.

The effect of each graphic is exactly the same as the original or original image, which shows that the label is quite successful because it can meet the customer's needs from the graphic.

Second, check the color of the woven label, the color is generally selected from the Pantone color system. The color comparisons here are based on the original color or the Pantone color of the design draft.

Third, check the size and shape of the woven label. The pattern is not only the shape meets the requirements, but also the size must meet the requirements.

Fourth, check the density of the woven label. The density of woven label is the weft density, the higher the weft density, the higher the label quality. Weft density refers to how many yarns are in the woven fabric in the 1CM range.

Fifth, check the post-processing of thewoven label.  The post-process of woven label generally includes hot cutting, fold, backing making, border,etc.

The above five points are the basis for judging the quality of a woven label, that is, the basic method for woven quality inspectors. Any error in any link affects the quality of woven label. The quality of woven label is very important for garments because the label is a long-term word-of-mouth carrier of clothing. It carries the brand name, and the exquisite and rigorous spirit of the brand is inside.

Every woven label produced from QINGHAN can only be mailed to you after our quality inspector's strict inspection.