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Issues to be aware of in the design of woven labels


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Woven labels production, after the process of processing, there are a lot of attention, some width is not produced by the machine, need designers or producers to pay more attention. These precautions are related to the design and production quality of the woven label of clothing. If we have any carelessness, many problems will occur in the design and production of the woven label of clothing. For example, some post-process machines can not do, only human processing, will increase production costs. 

The following are some restrictions:

First, the width limit

Broad loom : the minimum width required is 1CM, less than 1CM requires manual cutting, high rejection rate, high cost, basically no upper limit requirement for width, the maximum width can be 110CM

Needle loom : the width should be between 1CM and 5CM, and the maximum should be 5.0cm

Two, weaving color limit

Broad loom: can choose a wide range, up to 12 colors, including gold, silver, black and other metal yarns.

Needle loom: can weave to 4 colors at most (include satin base color), but the weave mark that satin irons color, can use person only silk thread (not easy to be dyed in ironing process), also cannot use the metal line such as gold, silver, black, high temperature is easy to fracture