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Fold type of woven labels


fold type of woven labels.jpg

Woven labels from QINGHAN LABEL can be produced with all edgings and all common folds (including Manhattan or hanger loop). Besides the end fold (left and right), being the most common fold type, we can also produce your labels with a centre fold, end folds along (top and bottom) and all other fold types. 


Besides, all labels can be made without any fold as well (hot cut or die cut ). If you wish to special folds, please contact us. Please note that there is a standard deviation of 1-2 mm at the final production. Beyond folded or unfolded labels, we can also produce laser cut labels in round or any other shape. 


Please note: Folds and sew-in borders (added by default to all centre-folded labels) are always 7 mm wide. The blue area in the illustration are the dimensions of the label you should enter at the configuration. If you upload a file, also this should have the dimensions of the bule area without folds and/or sew in borders!