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Categories of woven labels


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According to the process, woven labels are mainly divided into two kinds:

Woven border label

When the need for the woven labels in accordance with the width of the need to weave out, known as the weaving edge woven labels.

This process avoids many shortcomings of cutting edge, but the yield is low. Also flat/satin, characterized by soft feel. More suitable for high-end clothings. Woven border label is usually made into satin label, but the satin background color is difficult to express, and it is usually solved by hot stamping/dyeing and other processes.

Weaving edge of the general machine has wood shuttles, generally not more than four colors; Still have crochet machine, same can knit all sorts of craft quality, even can add transparent polyester silk in warp yarn, call it fish silk crochet machine.

In addition to the width, the overall length of various colors, and the process, the cost composition of the cloth label is also the variety of yarns used. JB series yarns are commonly used internationally.

Trimming woven lable

As the name suggests, a single piece of cloth is woven on a dedicated high-speed machine and cut into strips according to the width of the label. Because of the polyester's thermal melting properties, the yarn will stick to each other when cut and will not come apart. Because of this reason, the appearance and feel will be affected, with ultrasonic cutting than ordinary electric knife will be better.

Striped cloth label can be directly arranged and sent to garment factory for processing; If the requirements are strict, still need to be cut and folded processing. The maximum width of the individual computer jacquard components is 20cm. By increasing the number of jacquard components, wider logos can be woven and larger shapes can be processed.