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New Journey! The new official website of Qinghan International is newly launched !

The new official website of Qinghan International has been upgraded recently.  

Chinese version website is: www.chinaqinghan.com

English version is: www.qinghanlabel.com

Today, the English version of the official website is finally officially launched in new style.

Since its establishment in 1998, Qinghan has continued to output products with industry competitiveness with the label “Independent innovation” and standard “Continuing to lead”.

As with the continuous development of modern technology, it has also been looking for new breakthroughs and changes. The launch of the new official website not only a new starting point for development, but also indicates that the company has entered a new stage.


The website adopts a fresh and simple design and all are static web page, which display information more intuitive.

For user, greatly enhance inquiry, full-service and brand experience.


From the website could see the main color of pink, blue, and yellow. The entire layout displayed as a cartoon and cute style, which is consistent with the company’s development direction of “new starting point and new journey” in 2020. It mainly produces trademarks for 0-12 aged child, and also produces various trademarks such as: woven labels, printing labels, embroidery labels, TPU high-frequency voltage labels and transfer labels, silicone printing labels and transfer labels, PVC and silicone labels, flat and 3D heat transfer labels, clothing tags, hanging tags.

All widely used in all kinds of clothing, shoes and hats, home textile products and other industries.


Module division make the new website more clear. In the page design actively adopted the Internet thinking , the full-frame screen design, and high-definition pictures, which make introduction more attractive and make users more pleasant and comfortable to read.

We first considers the sense of use that could provides customers  eco-friendly and comfortable products when it process.

It is worth mentioning that the new official website has an “online consulting service” module, which greatly improves to solve problems.


In general, the content of the new official website is more consider user’s habits, needs, service. The style also embodies the innovative, comfortable, and friendly, which not only reflects Qinghan’s courage of innovate also our culture. In the future, we believel will continue to make efforts in clothing accessories and achieve even better results with our customer’s support.

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