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Love is in midsummer | Qixi, let “it” help you!

Love is a fearless rush
Looking at each other far away, breaking through each other, looking at each other on the magpie bridge
Love in the Qixi Festival, looking into the distance
In the fascinating romance
It’s your inner love


Affectionate, brave and persevering

It is the anticipation of love and the reference to the gift

If there are too many eternal minds to tell

Let the gift speak a thousand words for you

Near Qixi Festival

What gift is the most popular

It must be a practical and romantic gift


Every time you go out There are always keys, mobile phones, etc. to be installed Why not have a bag, store it in an orderly manner, and go out easily

4 副本
This Qixi
Must give gifts with bags with TPU chapters
Fresh colors give people a light and cheerful feeling
The bag with the TPU patches is simple and stylish, has characteristics and looks good


It is said that people rely on clothes, horses and saddles Gifts and clothes for the Qixi Festival are also ranked first

5 副本

Exclusive romantic “weaving” for Qixi

Round neck sweater with multi-process decorative label

Gray is gentle and elegant, blue is calm and restrained

The temperament of the boyfriend is properly arranged, handsome!

3 副本

Yellow windbreaker with blue multi-processing accessories label

Simple design but dazzling

Just like in the vast crowd, you are the most dazzling

2 副本 副本 1

Solid color jacket with silicone printing label

The golden logo design shows the “dominant” temperament incisively and vividly

Don’t you love this eclectic style of collocation?

6 副本 副本

Cotton jacket with silicone printing label

Silicone material is resistant to low temperatures to -50 degrees Celsius

In the cold winter, both wind and temperature are available


I am responsible for making money to support the family, you are responsible for being beautiful and picturesque

7 副本

Baseball Cap+Colorful TPU patches

Like in a peaceful life, with you

My world has become colorful

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