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sustainable nylon

Hot Material| Sustainable Nylon

  Materials are one of the most important factors in fashion design. Designers, product and material managers often find stories and inspiration from materials to create clothing collections. SO, today’s industry knowledge is about materials — sustainable nylon.

sustainable nylon

  In today’s fast-paced consumption pattern, the fashion industry has become the second most polluting industry in the world after the oil industry, and its characteristics of rapid change will inevitably bring many environmental problems. Fortunately, people’s awareness of environmental protection gradually awakening, there are many brands and enterprises began to think positively, with their own unique way to weigh the relationship between fashion and the environment, trying to change the status quo through effective ways, sustainable nylon is one of them.


  Since its invention in the 1920s, nylon has stood out as one of the most versatile textile materials in the world, found in everything from parachutes during World War II, armaments and outdoor goods to dollar bills, chemical carpets and silk stockings.


Sustainable Nylon

  However, nylon’s popularity has also had a significant impact on the environment, with large amounts of non-biodegradable landfill waste casting a shadow over its consumption. How to run through and change the whole fashion industry chain on the premise of sustainability is the key problem that Nylon must face nowadays.

Recognizing the need to develop sustainable alternatives to nylon, the sustainable nylon material was born through cooperation between fabric manufacturers and various industries!


  According to the http://performancedays.com . They classify nylon into three categories:


  • Recycled Polyamide made from local post-consumer fishing nets or local buoys giving ocean waste a second life without sacrificing any function.
  • Recycled Polyamide made from Factory Waste, mainly post-consumer waste.
  • ECONYL® Nylon, so called „regenerated“ Nylon. It is made from old homeless fishing nets, carpet flooring, industrial plastics and fabric scarps which have risen to a new beauty.
  • Car tire Nylon, post consumer nylon that opens up a new world to recycling. Tire waste will now find new uses by being recycled and processed into a new fiber.


  • Made from Castor Oil (castor bean), which helps to save fossil resources.
  • Made from coffee charcoal, which retains body heat while managing moisture and promoting perspiration.
  • Made of BASF Bio-Nylon yarns, BASF uses biogas and bionaptha extracted from sustainable petroleum plant oil and organic wastes.
  • Bio-based Polyamides made from corn or sugar from food waste.


  • Biodegradable Polyamide from AMNI SOUL ECO®, a 100% biodegradable fabric.

Polyamide with enhanced biodegradation shortens the life cycle of synthetic materials from hundreds of years to only few years.


  As the trend for “sustainability” in the global fashion and luxury industries continues to grow, sustainable nylon is in our sights. Prada, Burberry, Gucci and other brands have launched sustainable nylon series!


  Prada, a famous Italian luxury brand with a century-old history, launched its first popular limited collection using ECONYL® fabric in 2019, and launched a complete ready-to-wear and footwear collection using ECONYL® fabric in 2020. Prada’s share price rose 27% in 2020 for the first time since stagnating in 2013. Behind all this is ECONYL®, Prada’s innovative fabric application.


Adids X Prada

  On January 5, 2022, Adidas and Prada will renew their partnership, combining the craftsmanship of Prada with Adidas’s innovative concept of sportswear. Today, the two brands are both embracing their vision sustainable development goals and honoring All-time Best: Adidas Originals Forum and Prada Re-Nylon for Adidas For Prada Re-Nylon.

Adidas x Prada


  Burberry followed Prada’s lead with Aquafil together launched The ECONYL® Capsule collection, which includes the brand’s classic trench coats and mid-length coats, as well as new designs of printing shawl, down coats and double-sided bomber jackets. Simple texture with classic elements, re-interpretation of Burberry’s alternative fashion, for the brand’s classic clothing into a sustainable concept.



  Fendi’s winter sports capsule collection is a modern ski equipment. The ski jacket is lined with a specially innovative nylon material of recycled polyester made from Aquafil’s ECONYL® yarn, and the interior is filled with 100% recycled duck feather from Europe.



  Luxury brand GUCCI has unveiled its GUCCI Off The Grid carry-on case on its website, a centerpiece of its new accessories and ready-to-wear collection made from recyclable materials and accessories, as part of The brand’s commitment to sustainability.


  The carry-on case is made of yellow GG nylon made from ECONYL®, a nylon fabric made from recycled and renewable materials that helps reduce the impact on the ecological environment. The piping is made from Demetra, a sustainable, renewable and bio-based material that contains no animal ingredients. The lining is made of recycled nylon. The case weighs about 3.9kg.

  We Qinghan INT’L hope to let more people know about the garment accessories industry, create clothing inspiration, and help more people to establish a connection with sustainable fashion, so we are willing to explore the industry knowledge with more people.

  Follow us, and follow the fashion of the garment industry together!

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