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Weclome to OEM woven patches from factory!

Custom woven patches

Custom woven patches, A smooth texture and increased detail make woven patches unique. With a thinner thread and a tighter weave pattern, woven patches are able to capture even the small parts of a design with clarity. It has the characteristics of high-end, firmness, bright color, soft hand feeling and so on.  It can be used for clothing,bags,shoes, hats and so on.

Detailed description of the Custom Woven Patches
May I have some details about Custom Woven Patches?
Yes, the common data are shown in the table below
Catalogue Details
Product name Woven patches
Color, shape and welcome customization According to your requirements OEM (color shape, specified size)
Specify the size Customized according to your requirements
Product material Gold, silver and onion yarn, light silk, blended cotton
Design and Proposal Free design and technical support to turn your great idea into reality
Technology thick plate printing, embossed, back paper flapping, Iron on backing, cotton filling, die cut, Starching, locking edge, center fold, straight cut, end fold, mitre fold,
Backing Velcro, double-sided tape, back hot melt adhesive, back adhesive, sewing thread
Purpose Clothing, shoes, hats, bags, bags, textiles, headwear
Packaging Use carton or PP bag package, accept your special requirements, let you save time and worry
MOQ According as different process is different MOQ
Sample Cost $16, Different process is different cost.
Sampling time or proofing time 7 working days
Earnest 30% to 50% of total amount
Mode of Transportation Shipping or air freight, save your time
Application Scout patches, Tactical patches, Sport patches, Military patches, Morale patches, Motorcycle patches,Police patches,Biker patches, Army patches ETC.

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