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Weclome to OEM rubber patches from factory!

Custom rubber patches

Custom rubber patches, It refers to the PVC products made by pouring liquid materials into the mould through the process of dispensing , and then heating, baking and cooling for a period of time, and finally forming the inverted mould, which are used as garment accessories for clothing, shoes and hats, etc. Watch on Youtube!

Detailed description of the Custom PVC rubber patches
May I have some details about Custom rubber patches?
Yes, the common data are shown in the table below
Product namePVC rubber patches
Color, shape and welcome customizationAccording to your requirements OEM (color shape, specified size)
Specify the sizeCustomized according to your requirements
product materialsilicone/PVC rubber/rubber/plastic
Design and ProposalFree design and technical support to turn your great idea into reality
BackingVelcro, Velcro hook, back hot melt adhesive, double-sided tape, pin, paper support, hanging, magnetic for
TechnologyGlue drop, glue planting, sewing, high baking, laser
PurposeClothing, shoes, hats, bags, bags, textiles, headwear
PackagingUse carton or PP bag package, accept your special requirements, let you save time and worry
MOQThe minimum consumption is $100, According as different process has different MOQ
Sample cost$50, Different process has different cost.
Sampling time or proofing time13 working days
Earnest30% to 50% of total amount
Mode of transportationShipping or air freight, save your time
ApplicationScout patches, Tactical patches, Sport patches, Military patches, Morale patches, Motorcycle patches,Police patches,Biker patches, Army patches ETC.

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