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Custom Leather logo tags patches

Custom leather logo patches are uniquely shaped pieces of leather, commonly attached to everyday items, embossed or printed with names, logos, or brands. These patches add customizable flair to jackets, hats, bags, blankets, beanies, shirts, and more, and have a variety of attachment or backing options.   At the QINGHAN Company, we’ve been making personalized leather patches with your logos for over thirty years, incorporating quality materials with intentional and aesthetic design techniques. Take your business’ promotional and internal products and accessories to the next level by attaching these custom patches to just about any item you can imagine.

Leather logo patches for hats 

Some of the most popular items are durable, stylish patches that are added to hats. From beanies to trucker-style, leather logos for hats are a tasteful way to promote your business or spread your brand. Commonly, knitted hats in natural colors and materials are readily complementary, as well as cloth-covered baseball caps and trucker hats, but when it comes to a winning combination of styles and colors for patches and hats, you are only limited by your imagination.  Hats can be worn and used every day, and are proven as one of the most effective giveaway or promotional products, turning customers and employees into brand ambassadors. And when they’re adorned with something as classic as a personalized leather patch, there will be no question at the quality and care you take as a business to show the ones with whom you work that they matter.

Custom logo patches for clothes & apparel 

Sewing on or adhering patches to outerwear such as shirts, jackets, sweaters, pants, long sleeves and more is hardly a new concept, but using premium leather as the base material, and adorning it with your business’ name, logo, or message is a time-tested way to add style and quality to items in your customers, your employees, and your prospective clientele’s closets.  Promoting your business, sprucing up company uniforms, or creating a style unique to your brand is as easy as contacting the QINGHAN Company today. We will work with you take your idea and fashion a logo, combining our expertise with your aesthetic, creating something that you’ll be proud to wear around every day.

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