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Custom Embossed Rubber Patch Tags

How are Rubber Labels made?

A mold is created for each design and PVC or Silicone is injected into each custom mold. Mold fees are added to each price.

Mold fee prices range depending on artwork and material. The molds are big and bulky, so after 6 months, the factory will melt them down to re-use. If you re-order within 6 months, you will not have the pay the mold fee again.

Can you put a special backing on rubber labels?

Yes. We can manufacture with a stick adhesive film or a velcro backing at an extra fee. This type of application might not be feasible for all products, so please ask a sales rep for assistance.

How do I apply PVC, TPU, or Silicone Patches onto my clothing or product?

The easiest way to apply rubber label is to sew them on. Most seamstresses and manufacturers will have needles that can easily sew PVC labels or Silicone labels on. In your design, please make a sewing channel called a “stitch ditch”” that runs around the perimeter of the label to make for easy sewing.

You can also apply rubber labels by heat adhesive or sticker adhesive. Heat adhesive might not be available for all applications, so ask a sales rep for more information about PVC labels or rubber labels.

Another option is to use a heat welding machine.  A thermo compression binds the silicone label with your garment, so there is no sewing or adhesive involved. We can also heat weld the silicone on a piece of fabric for you as well.

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