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TPU Patches

TPU patches can be printed with variable text, care instructions, and your own logo to create a truly personalised patches that meets all of your labeling requirements.


PU Clothing Labels

TPU Printed Labels are made of 100%TPU raw materials. Good transparency, clear printing, feel soft, washable, resistant to high temperature, repeated polyester after washing no fading, environmental non-toxic, widely used in the garment industry, such as trademark, washing mark, wash label, size label, landmarks, the tongue label, etc

Design Your Own Custom Patches‎

We are perennial offer TPU Clothing Labels, TPU Embossed Labels, Black TPU Labels, Swimwear TPU Care Labels, TPU Washing Labels.We can customize TPU Printing patches for your clothing, knit, activewear, clothing brand, dress,  denim jeans, leather jacket, shoes, pillow, quilt, bags, backpack, leather bags, handbags etc.