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Key chains

QINGHAN can use a few different materials to make key chains out of your design. We take the design you have crafted and use rubber, embroidery or leather to make a handy key chain. You can use these to promote products or service or to just give yourself a customized key chain & lanyards that reflects your personality. Come see us and find out what we can do with your designs.

Custom key chains are great giveaways and promotional products

Key-chains can be made out of several materials. The most popular are rubber, leather or embroidered. Key-chains can be made to any size and shape desire. Rubber key-chains are the most popular because of the 3D possibilities.

Many different attachments can be chosen. Metal color and attachment should be conveyed to the sales rep and they will be able to get you the proper pricing. Options are the basic key ring, lobster claw, carabiner hook, ball-chain all in whatever size is needed.

QINGHAN Labels manufactures high quality key chains and other custom labels from multiple materials like rubbers, woven, leather and others. We offer carabiners, key chains and key rings in a variety of colors. Key chains are a universal need that appeals to a broad demographic. No matter what the age, gender or social profile of your target customer, everyone needs a handy way to store their keys together.

Production Time for key chains

Sample in 7-14 business days, depending on material (Rubber, Woven, Leather, etc.)

Production in 8-14 business days, depending on materials ordered.

Minimum 250 Order