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Custom Woven Patches

Woven patches are excellent for quick, last minute additions to any garment.

Custom woven patches can be used for branding as well as style depending on the design and placement of these custom made labels and patches, Our woven patches are made with polyester thread and can be made in a standard shape or die cut to a custom shape. We also offer custom backing options such as heat seal, iron on, pressure sensitive and Velcro. 

Whether you need woven patches added to your garment in a hurry or you want a small, intricate design replicated without losing detail, woven patches are the way to go. Designers look to custom woven patches when the design depends on retaining the maximum amount of style and intricacy from the original design. A good woven patch ensures that every possible detail is captured, giving each customer a solution that will work for them.

Usage Of Woven Patches

We can customize high-quality Woven Patches,Cloth Patches for your Clothing, Garment, Shoes, Bags, Backpacks, Jeans, Jackets, Letterman Jackets, Blouse, Hats and Home Textile, Business, Scouts, Gifts, Crafts, Advertisement, Promotion, Collection, Souvenir etc. Woven Patches can also be made into key chains, dog tags, promotional items, and zipper pull by inserting materials inside to give dimension or a 3D effect.

Shape and Size Of Woven Patches

Our technique is mature. We can Customize the different Shape of Woven Patches. For the sake of beauty, the common Woven patches are made into circles and squares, while round and square are more conducive to design and production. Woven patches are used for brand identification in the neckline, pocket, waist or other parts of clothing. Depending on the shape, size, and color of your logo, you can customize the Unique Woven Patches.

Border Of Woven Patches

Merrowed Border, Soft Ultrasonic Cut, Heat Cut Border and Laser Cut Border etc make the Woven patches incision more smooth and the shape without deformation. It is our reliable choice.