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Custom Patches

Shop custom patches with your logo or design. Upload & customize your patch design online from Qinghan today. REQUEST FOR QUOTATION


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Custom Patches

Patches are excellent for quick, last minute additions to any garment.

We’re your one-stop, no-problem source if you need custom patches for sports teams, businesses, military units, motorcycle clubs and events, camping, Scouting, martial arts or any other purpose. Our custom patches are perfect for uniforms, duffle bags, jackets or any other use. We supply top quality patches at great prices, with unbeatable customer service.


Types Of Patches At QINGHAN

At QINGHAN LABEL, we specialize in creating high quality custom patches of all types. When it comes to choosing the perfect type of custom patch for you, there are several different aspects that must be considered, such as price, material, turnaround time, durability, texture, and so much more.

WOVEN PATCHESWoven Badge Patch

Woven patches are made of the thread only, stitched in a continuous design and achieve finer detail in both the design and Text of the Patch. Since the patch is woven, it has a smooth appearance with no raised texture.Woven patches have many of the benefits of embroidered, but due to the tighter weave they can “pack in” more details like small letters in the same amount of space. The trade off is that they don’t have the “texture” of embroidery, but that works just fine for small lettering. 

The advantage of woven patches:

Clear, legible lettering – At small sizes, embroidered patches can lose some of the legibility found in the original artwork. For brand logos, contact information, or a motto, woven patches provide the detail required.

Perfect for complex graphics – Not every patch is based on a simple design. When the source is a complex graphic that comes alive with enhanced detail, woven patches can provide the picture-perfect reproduction it deserves.

Chain stitching appearance – Many customers find this look more suitable to their garment's overall design.

Identical quality at all sizes – Our custom patches can ensure that you get the same great quality no matter how small or large your surface area.

custom patchesRUBBER PATCHES

Rubber Patches is a soft and adaptable plastic that can be molded to any shape and dyed to any color or shade because they can withstand most wear and tear and washes and still outlast the clothing so that we use it to Manufacture Soft Rubber PVC Patches and labels that are more durable than Cloth Patches. Rubber Patches also can be made with a 2D or 3D design.Rubber Patches can make into Promotional Gift, Refrigerator Magnet, Silicon Bracelet, Luggage Tags, Rubber Key chain, Zipper Puller,Rubber String Puller and Phone Case.


Custom leather patches are uniquely shaped pieces of leather, commonly attached to everyday items, embossed or printed with names, logos, or brands. These patches add customizable flair to jackets, hats, bags, blankets, beanies, shirts, and more, and have a variety of attachment or backing options.   At the QINGHAN Company, we’ve been making personalized leather patches with your logos for over twenty years, incorporating quality materials with intentional and aesthetic design techniques. Take your business’ promotional and internal products and accessories to the next level by attaching these custom patches to just about any item you can imagine.One of our most versatile patches, leather can be made to look both outdoorsy or supremely classy. We offer both luxuriously thick hides as well as faux leather for customers looking for an affordable or vegan alternative – plus options like branded logos, rivets and more. 


PVC patches are often used on sports apparel, car merchandise, key-chains, packaging, footwear, surf and snow sporting goods. They are made for durability and are moisture resistant. They have a 3D raised surface which is often a benefit for branding purposes.  PVC patches are rugged, rubberized emblems that hold up well to grit, water, mud, paint balls and whatever else gets thrown at them. The unique material lets you have unique “sculpting” for a three-dimensional effect as well as a great tactile feel. 

EMBROIDERED PATCHEScustom patches online

Custom embroidered patches with twill fabric and polyester threads are one of the many custom labels for clothes that QINGHAN Labels specializes in producing. Embroidered patches can be produced in any shape or size needed. For the letters to be legible, the size of letters should be at least 3/16” high on twill background, or 1/4” high on heavier fabric background or stitched background. Embroidered patches are the perfect combination of affordability, durability and design potential with hundreds of thread colors to match your logo or drawing.  Their unique texturing lets some designs visually “pop” off the patch with real depth. They're also easily made, meaning they’re deadline-friendly.


Custom iron on patches are the best choice when you don’t want to have to sew your patches onto a garment! All you need is an iron, a damp cloth, and about five minutes worth of effort to attach your patches.


QINGHAN is good at producing all kinds of military patches. we are able to provide both full-color and subdued options in acu, swat, forest, desert, multicam, and arid, as well as digital camo twills with endless shapes, sizes, and customizations. All our military Velcro patches are sewn-on—never glued—creating a truly durable patch that can stand up to even the harshest conditions.

We provide custom patches to all types of military organizations including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, military morale patches, and more.

Special Customization Service

We have a variety of styles and materials.
Please send us your design, we will turn your needs into reality.

Border Options for Patches

border patches

There are three types of boundaries for embroidered clothing patches. 

Merrow border is a 1/8” border that over locks the edge of the pieces to give it a nice raised edge. Only embroidered labels with regular shapes or slightly irregular shapes with horizontal angles can be merrowed.

Die-cut patches don’t have an over-locking border. The background material shows on the edges no matter if there is a stitched edge or not. The shapes of these labels can be regular or slightly irregular.

Hot-cut is the best choice for patches with irregular shapes. The fabric of the edge is completely trimmed off so that it will never fray. Heat-cut embroidery patches with heat seal backing is a great alternative for direct embroidery.

Backing PatchPatch Backing Options

There are several ways to attach custom patches to your product. Heat seal, iron on, pressure sensitive, magnet, pellon, plastic, and Velcro backing. Below is a list of what options might be best for you. 

Patches can also be sewn on.

Plastic is a clear film that is applied to the back of the patch to make it stiffer and seal in the threads.

Pellon is a white opaque material that covers the back to seal in the threads and make the emblems slightly stiff.

Heat Seal is material on the back of the patch that is then able to be ironed on to another surface.

Pressure Sensitive Backing is a sticker that can be a semi-permanent or temporary.

Velcro backing is easily applied and detached from garments or displays.

A magnet will cover the back of the patch that can be attached to any surface that contains metal.