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Custom Clothing Labels from QINGHAN INT'L

There are many benefits to creating custom labels for your t-shirt business even though it may seem like a low priority when you are already handling manufacturing, marketing, and distribution, but a high-quality label can add even more value to your products. Services like QINGHAN label make creating high-quality labels easy, so there is no reason not to take advantage of the benefits a professional label can offer.


Functions and Benefits

It may seem like a small detail, but a label can actually affect a customer’s decision to buy a shirt or even their enjoyment of the garment after the fact. Labels are essentially a company’s way of communicating with the customer specifically about the product, although they can also add an aesthetic touch and enhance the overall quality of a t-shirt. Labels can communicate all kinds of information, and the best part is you’re able to choose what kind of labels you want to use to communicate certain information to your customers. Let’s have a look at some of your options:


Brand clothing labels boast the brand name or logo of a company, which can not only help raise brand awareness but also add to the value of the t-shirt. For example, two different brands can sell the exact same white t-shirt but if one adds a brand label somewhere on the external side of the shirt it increases brand awareness as other people are able to see the brand name visibly displayed on the label, and thus increase the perceived quality of the t-shirt even though it’s the exact same shirt.


Care clothing labels have a more functional purpose than brand labels. They inform the customer how to take care of the shirt with instructions on how to wash, dry, bleach, and iron it. Informing your customers on how to properly care for your products, while actually being required by law in most countries, will also cause your customers to get much more use and enjoyment out of the garment, and therefore be more likely to buy from your brand again in the future.


Size clothing labels simply communicate the garment’s size. These are a functional label that serve to help customers find the right t-shirt for their body measurements and although they may not be required by law in all countries they are very important to include on each garment and can usually be found on the inside of the garment.


Composition labels communicate the precise makeup of the shirt, giving the amount of each fabric or material used as a percentage. These labels are typically required by law in most countries and are a factor in determining the proper care instructions of the garment and sometimes justify the cost of an item. Composition labels are also important to include because some customers may have special requirements for the type of fabric they can wear on their body and need to know what fibers the garment is made up of.

Label Placement

fold label types

You are probably most familiar with the standard woven or printed label on the inside collar of a t-shirt, but this is far from the only option. That is usually a good placement for care, composition or size labels, but if you have a brand logo label you may want to display it more prominently. Brand labels are often placed on the back of the outside of the shirt or even on the side of the sleeve or the hem.

Most of the time, labels on the inside of a t-shirt communicate information like size and fabric composition while outer labels are used for branding or just to add an extra touch of style. A custom label on the outside of a t-shirt not only promotes your brand but can add to the design and give your shirts a more professional feel.

The cut and fold of your labels will affect where you want to place them and what information they should have on them.

The most common is the Center Fold Label, a woven label usually attached into the inside of the collar. These tend to have the brand or logo on one side and care and composition information on the back.

An End Fold Label has the sides tucked in to give it a “finished”. These can be placed internally or externally on the garment and should be used either for branding or to communicate small pieces of information as they aren’t very large.

A Straight Cut Label has no folds at all, allowing all sides and corners to be sewn on flat. These are typically placed on the outside of the shirt to give the appearance of a stylish patch and are usually reserved for logos as they’re neat and decorative.

A Manhattan Fold Label is similar to a Center Fold Label except there’s an additional fold at the top to give it a more finished and reinforced look.

A Mitre Fold Label is similar to an End Fold Label, however, the tag hangs down a bit farther instead of going straight across. Again, this type of label is typically used for branding purposes only as it’s small.

A Loop Fold Label can usually be found on the inside of the shirt either on the right or left-hand seam but closer to the hem. These types of labels can be quite large and since they’re more out of sight than labels placed in the collar of the shirt they usually have the care and composition information on them.

Types of Labels

There are many kinds of labels that you can add to your shirts. The best option depends on the quality and look you are going for, as well as how much you want to spend.

WOVEN LABELSclothing labels

The most common and the industry standard, woven labels tend to be on the cheaper side but get the job done just fine. Normally sewn on, you can also find iron-on woven labels which are cheaper but not as durable. Woven labels vary in quality, with damask woven labels usually being the most high-end but also the most pricey.


Leather Labels Typically used on high-end brands to convey a message of quality and prestige, Its durability will also stand the test. we offer imitation and Real(Genuine) Leather and Suede Labels and tags that are Ideal for Denim, Jackets, Clothing Labels, Bags, Caps, Luggage Tags, Wallet,Shoes Any outer embellished accessories.


Tyvek printed labels are frequently used to create labels for pillows and furniture items,or anywhere resiliency is important. Tyvek is a paper-like material with exceptional durability.


These thick rubber labels can be used for hang tags, labels, or even as a patch. PVC’s are laser cut and have the precise detail that compliments any brand.


These thin, rubbery labels are the popular choice among many of our active-wear clients. Long-lasting, durable, and soft to the touch, these labels are ideal for your sports attire.


Heat Transfer Labels, also known as "tag-less tags", are used when customers want to promote their brand without the bulk of a traditional woven or printed label. They are applied directly onto your garment, tag-free. They stretch with your fabric, are soft to the touch, and are applied with a household iron or industrial heat press.  Let our label specialists help you design your label


Nothing adds a more elegant finishing touch to clothing and handmade items than personalized or custom woven labels.  we offer a broad range of high quality woven clothing labels with an extensive selection of colors, designs, and fonts to choose from. Available in very low minimums, our beautiful personalized woven labels will be all that you need to add a traditional flourish to personal clothing, or give that professional mark of distinction to handmade items . With the iron on backings of the labels, you can easily iron the labels on the clothes instead of using the sewing method, which saves production time ,and make both of them more beautiful.

Special Customization Service

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车间图片.jpgQINGHAN INTL was founded in 1998 with headquarter in Huizhou, Guangdong, it takes 1.5 hour from Shenzhen and 2 hours drive from Guangzhou. Besides, we have branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Hongkong. We are a professional manufacturer and exporter engaged in the design, development, production, and trading of garment accessories like woven label, printing label, heat transfer label, leather patch, rubber patch, embroidery badge, flocking patch, hangtag, webbing, elastic, ribbon, etc. Our products are widely used in clothing, home textiles, bags, shoes, hats, toys and other industries. We are dedicated to providing professional one-stop garment accessory solution for worldwide textile enterprises.  



Differing from other traditional enterprises, we have a dedicated R & D team composed of Design Dep, Programming Dep and Mold Dep. Our team are quite experienced, which enable us to integrate R & D design and production technology to continuously inject new ideas into the products and help customers to adopt new materials and craftsmanship to develop more innovative products.



We own the whole set of the most advanced machines like Muller woven machines, printing machines, overlock machines, embroidary machines, etc. We devote ourselves to improving quality management system to connect with international advanced management mode. At present, we have certificates like ISO9001: 2015, Oeko-tex , Reach, ROHS, etc. 


We take “work with clients side by side to achieve sustainable development” as our aim to make our products keep up with the latest fashion trend, and improve our quality and service constantly. We are more than happy to work with you together to create the future of garment accessories.